OnePlus 6 Review and Rating

OnePlus 6 Review and Rating


- Water and Dust Resistant
- Optical Image Stabilization
- USB Type-C
- Optic AMOLED Display
- Snapdragon 845 SoC
- Extremely fast
- Dash Charge
- Great Screen


- No Wireless Charging
- No low light Camera
- Bad Battery Life
- No Verizon or Sprint

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Price - $439 / 12:11 pm, 18 April 2019

Our Rating 4.7

Oneplus 6 have water and dust resistant but it not water proof and also oneplus not give warrenty of water damage. It has no good battery life as compare to oneplus 5. But this phone is so fast. you not face issues like hang. It have large and awsome display. you can see movies and play big games on it. In low light its camera quality not too good.


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