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Google Pixel Review and Rating - TechLifeTree


12.3 MP Camera
5 inch AMOLED Display
Snapdragon 821 Proccesor
2770 mah Battery
4GB Ram


Rubish Design
Not Water Resistent
Large Bazzels

Overall Rating (3.7)

Google Pixel comes with 5 inch full AMOLED display with is 1080 x 1920 resolution that 16:9 ratio. The display comes with Corning Gorilla Glass 4 Protection.
Its display is bright that is visible in sunlight also. Google Pixel's display touch response is great it feels like premium. Its display is very fluid. Colour reproduction of the display is great. This is the one of the best display in the smartphones.
There also LED notification light but it is enabled. You need to enable it from the settings.

According to the Google it is the best camera provides in Google Pixel on that time. The rear or main camera is 12.3 MP that has Aperture 1/2.3 and pixel size is 1.55µm with Laser Autofocus. There is only one camera on not dual camera but this one camera is sufficient for clicking photos and recording the videos. In this phone you can record 720p at 240fps(Frame Per Second) to 2160p at 30fps. Also you can record video in 1080p at 30[gyro-EIS(Electronic Image Stabilization)]/60/120fps. You can see the HDR and panorama modes in Google Pixel's camera. There is also a dual-LED flashlight to record clear video in the night either also you can use the Dual-LED flash as a torch. Google Pixel's Camera provides you Laser Auto Focus and Face Detection Auto Focus also.
Google Pixel's front camera is 8MP(Mega-Pixel) that have aperture f/2.4 and Pixel Size 1.4µm. In the front or selfie camera of the Google Pixel's phone record up to 1080p and 30fps.
Google Pixel's camera low light performance is great. It is one of the best cameras for low light photos. In low light photos, it adds light and sharpness. You can see many details in low light or night capture photos also. Google Pixel's Camera low light performance is much batter than iPhone 6s performance in low light or at the night. Google Pixel's front camera is also battered in low light photos.
Also, it is very good in daylight photos. Its saturation, color accuracy, and white balance are also very good. Its HDR mode is defaulted on and I suggest that keep it on. It does not take time to capture and process the image either HDR mode is on. Google Pixel's Camera blurs the background of an image in the night or low light photos also(depth of field) that is a very good feature. Its software Image Stabilization is working good if you place an object in the center of the screen while recording the video. After record the video, Google Pixel's Camera software crop the video from sides to stabilize the video. You can also record the Slow Motion 720p in 240fps video. This is another very good feature of this camera.
Its DXOMARK is 89. Google Pixel front camera is like an average camera that is not too good but not disappoints you. It's a good camera but not perfect. Also, there are lens flair issue also.
If we talk about camera application interface, it is Simple UI interface. You can't see too much difference in camera interface compare to another smartphone. Also, from settings, you can choose the resolution for rear and front camera.

Battery is one of the most important things that we consider while purchasing a smartphone. Google Pixel has Li-ion 2770mAh non - removable battery. In daily life, if you average use the mobile then it a good battery that gives you great backup. There is another feature also, if you charge Google Pixel for 15 min then it gives you 7 hours of battery backup. According to me it great because suppose you go office in the morning and sometimes you forget to charge you mobile but in the morning you have not enough time to charge your mobile then you just charge your Google Pixel just for only 15 min and it gives you great battery backup.
But if you are a heavy user then it is just average battery backup that not disappointed you. Its charger is of 9w, 2amp or 5w, 3amp that according to Google is fast charging but it is not fast to charge your mobile. It takes time to recharge like another normal smartphone. Comparision to the fast charge it took a very long time to recharge.
On 3G network, it gives you up to 26 hours and on standby up to 456 hours (nearby 19 days) of battery backup. If you only play the music only then it gives you up to 110 hours (nearby 4.5 days) of battery backup.
Overall battery backup is great but if we talking about it's charging time then it is not too good.

Google Pixel comes with 4 GB LPDDDR4 Latest Ram. It means you can do many tasks on your mobile phone at the same time. You can see the youtube video, read blog or review on website or chat with your friend at the same time. That is enough RAM to do this work also you can play games while doing the work.
If we talk about internal storage then Google Pixel Comes with 32 GB, 64 GB, and 128 GB storage options. And one of the cons of this smartphone that you can't expand your storage. Google pixel has Non - Expandable memory that means if you buy Google Pixel with 32 GB storage option and think that you can expand your storage using memory card then you unable to do that in Google Pixel.
But here is twist also Google gives you unlimited storage to store your photos and videos in the Google Cloud. That is a good point.

Google Pixel has Dual-core, 2.15 GHz + Dual-core, 1.6 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor and Adreno 530 GPU. In benchmark scores, on some places where Google Pixel is batter performance than Google Pixel XL. This phone also supports multi-window capabilities.
In everyday performance, the Google Pixel is working very smooth. I can't face any issue in everyday use of this phone. All the apps in this mobile open instantly and you can play games without crashed any app.
But there is a problem that I face in Google Pixel that it gets quite hot. When I record video in 4k it reached 46 degrees in just 10 minutes and when I play a heavy game it reached 41 - degree celsius. The metal part of Google Pixel dissipates the more heat. Heat may reduce the life of hardware inside the mobile and it is a cause of fast drain the battery or lag in mobile.

When Google Pixel is lunched it has too much price according to its specification but now this phone was affordable by a normal user. If you buy this phone in 2019 then it a great deal for you because now this phone has very less price according to its specifications.

Google Pixel are the lightweight phone that only 143 - gram weight and it's 8.5mm thick. This phone is designed by HTC. Its display size is 5 inch and that is one of the best smartphones for single-hand use. Dimension of this phone are 143.8 x 69.5 x 8.5 mm (5.66 x 2.74 x 0.33 inch). You can reach all the corners of the screen without involving the second hand. but they are too many bezels. Also, on the bottom chin that is thick that no buttons. Buttons like Exit and Menu are shown on the screen.
The backside of the phone is glass on the top and metal on the bottom on the back cover. Due to glass on top, the top portion is thicker than the bottom. On the glass has a camera and noise cancelation mic. The fingerprint sensor on the backside is easy to reach and very fluidly. It is working correctly and accurately. On the top side of the phone, there is 3.5mm audio jack, the left side is single sim-tray, on right side power and volume buttons and on bottom USB type c port and grilles, left side grille for mic and right side for speaker. This has a mono speaker that is not loud, on another side other phones have a stereo speaker that are loud then mono speakers.
But this phone can't give you a premium feel. You can feel the heat due to a metal part on the backside of this phone, but on the top side, you not feel too much heat as compare to on bottom because top portion has the glass. Design of this phone is rubbish. Also, Google Pixel is slippery phone and you need for the back cover for batter grip on the phone. This phone supports only a single nano-SIM card, there is no option to use two SIM cards. This phone comes with Quite Black, Very Silver, Really Blue Color options.

Let's talk about the UI(User Interface). Google Pixel has Android OS, v7.1 (Nougat). Here Google does a great job. In the Google Pixel, there are many animations that make this phone look pretty. UI is very smooth.
There are other features also, suppose you see something rare or awesome and you want to take a photo of this. Now not need to unlock the phone and open camera app, just double-tap on the power button then the camera quickly open. You can schedule the wallpaper that changes every day.
Google Assistant is work brilliant in Google Pixel. If you say in Google Assistant Ok Google, lock this phone then your phone gets locked. In the Google Assistant, Machine Learning is used that means Google Assistant get batter and more batter day by day according to data that you provide or according to your voice. You train your Google Pixel to your voice. I recommend you do it in some noisy environment because Google Assistant understands the difference between your voice and another men voice. And your phone does not confuse between two voices and imminently recognize your voice. Also, software experience to great.
But overall this phone has a great experience like iPhone.

This phone comes with good packing. there is very less chance that you get the damaged phone. When you first time opens the box of Google Pixel, you get a USB type C Quick charger of the output of 5v 3amp and 9v 2amp. A cable USB type C to C and another cable USB type 2.0 to USB type C. Also, you get a USB type C Pendrive Connector and earphone that has good quality. You get also, clip to organize cables.
Thanks for reading the Review.

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