Project XCloud - The Future of Gaming

Posted on 8:56 pm, 12 January 2019

Today we can play the games on different - different devices like Mobiles, Xbox, Playstation and Computers. Develpors develop same game for different devices. If a develpor develop a game for computer, he can also develop same game for Andriod, Xbox and Playstation etc. But same games are only developed for Computer and console etc. You can't play these games on your Mobile phones. For solving this problem microsoft is going to introduce Xcloud Project.

Project XCloud - The Future of Gaming

What is XCloud Project?

This is the gaming project of Microsoft. Microsoft has been working for many years on this project. This project will make gaming like Movies and Music. You can see Movies or listen music on the device of your choice like PC, Computer or Tablet. Like this you will also be able to play the console games or xcloud game on andriod or IOS, whenever you want and where you want. It will be accessable for any screen. You will be able to play games with your family or friends by live streaming.
Project XCloud beta sign up will be avalable in 2019 when public trial of this project will be in 2019. Today Microsoft is testing its high quality and speed on Mobiles and Tablets. Microsoft is testing it by playing games on Mobiles and Tablets by connecting Xbox through bluetooth.

Project XCloud - The Future of Gaming

XCloud Work on internet live streaming and working it works on XCloud networks at OCP Open - only Data Center Network. Microsoft is working on it to capable of working on 4G and 5G network. Currently the testing speed of the project is working on the 10mb/s internet. They combact this to low bitrates to allow it to work any network. XCloud release date will be announced in 2020.
There are the Xcloud infinix storage for project XCloud Gaming. This project will work on the Microsoft Azure with live streaming.

What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is Cloud Computing. It is used for building, testing, develping and managing the applications of Microsoft and providing the Services. Microsoft Azure have 54 regions in 140 countries.

What is the Xbox?

It is the video gaming brand of the microsoft that used for the streaming of games. It works on the cloud game streaming.

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