What is computer memory, ram and cache memory

Posted on 6:30 pm, 11 March 2019

What is computer memory, ram and cache memory

Memory is storage space in computer, whare data is processed and instruction for proccessing stored. Memory devided into large numbers of small parts called cells. Every cell have unique address. Example if have 64k words than 64 * 1024 = 65536 memory locations from 0 to 65535.

There are three types of memory

1. Ram memmory - Ram Memory refers to computer hardware integrated circuit that store information for immediate use in a computer. It store data and instuctions that computer currently works.
2. Cache memory - Cache memory is very high speed semiconductor memory that speed up cpu and buffer between ram memory and cpu. It holds parts of data and program than transfer from disk to opreating system for cpu use.
3. Hard disk - Hard disk is external or non - volatile memory(data not lost when power off). It store data and information parmanently. CPU not direct hard disk memory. First data transfer into ram memory than cpu access hard disk memory.


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