What is Algorithm and its Advantages

Posted on 7:35 am, 15 March 2019

What is Algorithm and its Advantages

Step by step method of solving the problem is callel Algorithm. Algorithm is used for a very long time not only in computers or computer programs also in daily life also. Algorithm are write on paper in such way that every person can understand.
For Example :- Boil the potatos
Step 1: First take potatos.
Step 2: Take pan and add water in it.
Step 3: place pan on gas.
Step 4: Add potatos in pan.
Step 5: Boil for 10-15 min.
Step 6: Boiled potatos is ready.
This is the algorithm for boil the potatos. In this first step we take ingredients, in step 2-5 procedure and in step 6 bolied potatos are ready.
Same like this we can write the algorithm for computer program.
For Example :- Algorithm for add two numbers
Step 1: Start
Step 2: Get value of two numbers and store in variable a and b.
Step 3: Add the values of a and b and store in another variable c.
Step 4: Print the value of c variable.
Step 5: Stop
This is the example of algorithm for program. Algorithm are writes in that way.

Advantages of Algorithm

It save your time. When you write a program, its chance the concept of method may be wrong than your time and money is waste. Therefore you make algorithm to avoid mistakes.
The way of writing the program is depend on programmer. He write the algorithm that other can understand the program.


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