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Posted on 12:56 pm, 19 June 2019

While using the PC, there are many tasks in Windows that consume times, not too much but, this little bit of time can affect your work. There are some shortcuts save your time.

10 useful windows 10 keyboard shortcuts - techlifetree

1. ScreenShot

When you suffering the web, sometimes you need to take a screenshot. But how you can take a screenshot in your Windows 10. Here is its solution. By pressing
Windows + prt sc
you can able to take screenshots. This shortcut key is very useful in Windows 10.

2. Emoji Panel

When you are chatting with your friend, you can not able to type emoji from your keyboard. But Windows 10 provides its solution. In this Blog 10 Cool Tricks and Hidden Features of Windows 10 I explain how to use emoji from the virtual keyboard. Now this is a shortcut key to use the emoji.

10 useful windows 10 keyboard shortcuts - techlifetree

Windows + dot(.)
After pressing these two buttons you can see an emoji panel on your display. This emoji panel contains lots of emojis. You can able to use these emojis anywhere you typing.

3. Zoom Your Display

Sometimes you need to instant magnify your display. Then you can open the start menu and search for the magnifier. But it takes time while you can search and open. By pressing
Windows + Plus(+)
buttons you can instantly open Magnifier and hold Windows button and again press Plus(+) button, it instant zoom in your display and hold Windows button and press Minus(-) button, it can zoom out your display.

4. Game Bar

Game Bar is a very useful tool if you playing games in your PC for record screen, taking a screenshot and for live streaming. But you open the Game Bar by search in the start menu. But there is also a shortcut key to open the game bar.

10 useful windows 10 keyboard shortcuts - techlifetree

Windows + G
By pressing these keys game bar instantly open.

5. Close The App

When you typing something on your PC or chatting with your friend, after chat you close your app by clicking on close with your mouse. But this shortcut key helps you to close your app with keyboard.
Alt + F4
With the help of this shortcut, you do not need to close the app using a mouse. This shortcut key is very useful when you are typing on the keyboard.

6. Task View

In the task view, you can see all your apps that you are using and desktops and also you can see the history of your tasks like which app you were open in yesterday. But how you open the Task Bar. By pressing

10 useful windows 10 keyboard shortcuts - techlifetree

Windows + Tab
you can open the Task Bar and see your all tasks.

7. Permanent Delete

When you delete something, the deleted file go in Recycle Bin. You again delete the file from Recycle Bin. If you want to delete file permanent you delete the file two times. But Windows provide its solution. By pressing
Shift + Delete
the button you can permanently delete the file and skip the recycle bin. Just select the file and press the shortcut key.

8. Jump to App

When you are using lots of apps in your PC, you need to jump from app to another app. Suppose if you typing and you see your content that in another app then you can move these apps using your mouse by clicking in the taskbar on the app icon. But it is some irritating again and again use a mouse while typing. There is a shortcut key to jump to another app.

10 useful windows 10 keyboard shortcuts - techlifetree

Alt + Tab
You just need to hold the Alt button and by pressing the Tab button you can jump to any app that opens in your PC.

9. Settings

We need to change the settings, again and again, depend upon over-usage. But again and again, we find settings or open it from the start menu. But here is the shortcut key to open the settings.
Windows + I
By pressing these buttons your Windows settings are open.

10. Lock Screen

While using your PC sometimes you has urgent work and you need to go quickly. But Windows takes lots of time for shutdown. If you shut down your PC, all apps are closed and it takes again lots of time to turn ON. But why you shut down your PC, you can lock your Windows by pressing
Windows + L
After pressing this your PC instantly lock and you can do your work.
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The Answers of some frequently asked questions.

Given Below is answers of question that asked by people.

What do function keys do Windows 10?

In our keyboard there are 12 Function keys. These function keys are used to change the volume, play or pause a video, or control other hardware features of your Computer.
Let suppose you watching a video on your PC. Now to want to increase the volume, now there is a way you can increase the volume using the mouse. But here functions key helps you. You can easily increase the volume using function keys. Also, there are some symbols on the Function keys. Like video play and pause button on Function key F11. By pressing
Fn + F11
you can play or pause the video. Fn key enables the functions on functions key like If you can press only F11 key then it enables full screen and if you press Fn + F11 then it plays or pauses the video.
There spacial symbols on Function keys are different - different that depend on keyboards or Laptops.
For Example:- On the Laptop Keyboard the functions keys have also symbols of increase or decrease brightness, but on a normal keyboard, there is not that symbol.

What does the f12 key do in Google Chrome?

If you press the F12 key in the Google Chrome then it opens the developer bar. In the Developer bar, you can see the error messages of the javascript code of the website that you open in a console option. The developer bar is useful for the developer that makes the website. Here you can see the all website code that you opens in your Google Chrome browser in the Elements option.
For Example:- If you open the website like xyz.com and now you want to see the code of this website then you can press the F12 key and click on Elements and now you can see the all website code.

How do I create a hotkey in Windows 10?

Their are two methods to create the hotkey in Winodws 10.
First One:-
1. Open Windows Menu.
2. Right click on software or app that you want to create Hotkey.
3. Select More -> Open file locationquot;
4. Now, In File Explorer right click on app icon and select Properties.
5. In Shortcut key Box type any letter.
6. And shortcut key for this app is created like "Ctrl + Alt + T" etc.
7. Then Click Apply and Ok.
Now your shortcut key is created.

10 useful windows 10 keyboard shortcuts - techlifetree

Second One :-
1. Open Command Prompt(cmd).
2. Type explorer shell:AppsFolder.
3. Now in File Explorer you can see all apps and softweres.
4. Right click on app that you want to create shortcut and select Create shortcut.
5. Now, shortcut created on your disktop.
6. Right click on app shortcut icon and select Properties.
7. In Shortcut key Box type any letter.
8. And shortcut key for this app is created like "Ctrl + Alt + T" etc.
9. Then Click Apply and Ok.
10. Your apps shortcut key is created.
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