Study Tips - How to Study Effectively

Posted on 11:40 am, 14 April 2019

Study is very important in Today's life. Every person want to be well educated. In Today's life study plays an important role for getting success. The life of students is becoming difficult day by day. Competion in study is at peak now a days. Each student want to become a topper. For that the students believe that they should study for 16-18 hours a day. But for becoming a topper it is not neccessary to study 16 hours. The topper students do not study for so long time. They only study smartly. They have good study skills that help them in becoming toppers. so here are some study skills for effective learning.

Smart Study Skills :-

Study Tips - How to Study Effectively

Time Table

First of all one of the best way to study effectively is to make a time table. By preparing a time table you will get an idea that how much time you should spent on each subject. To make an effective time table you should first arrange your subjects according to their difficulty level and then then give time to them. Time table should be in such a manner that there should be a break after some time. Study for 1 hour and then a break of 10 minutes is the best way of remembering something.

Place of Study

In a scientific research it is found that studying at different places at different times is more effective instead of studying at one fixed place. In the experiment some students were asked to study for two hours in a room while other students were asked to change their room after one hour. At the end of two hours it was found that the students who were asked to study in one room for two hours were unable to fully concentrate while the other students who changed their room after one hours were able to concentrate on their studies. So it is better to change places while studying after one or two hours for good concentration.

Study Tips - How to Study Effectively

Short Sleeping Breaks

Short sleeping breaks between study are useful in effective learning. These are useful in remembring the information for long time. During sleep our brain delete unneccessary information and stores the useful information in our long term memory. So small naps between study hours are useful way of study.

Avoid Distractions

While studying you should avoid distractions. You should switch off your mobile phone or you should put it on silent mode so that it can not distract you while studying.

Teaching Method

Teaching method is one of the effective study skills used by the toppers. It helps in remembering things easily. After studying a topic you should teach it to your friend or classmate. It will help you to remeber your topic for long time.

Keep Yourself Motivated

There are so many things that can distract you from your studies. Keep yourself motivated is one of the best way to avoid these distractions. For keeping yourself motivated reward yourself with a treat. This will help you to stay motivated.

Study in Group

Studying in groups is best way of study. It can help you in getting new knowledge from friends and enhance your learning experience.
Hope these study guides will be helpful for you for studying effectively. Follow these study tips and get success in your studies.


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