How to Grow and Manage Garden

Posted on 8:47 am, 3 March 2019

A garden is a place where various types of trees, plants and flowers can be grown. The garden can be grown indoors or outdoors. It can be grown in a variety of designs. Indoors gardens are grown in the backyards of house on a small piece of land. Outdoors garden is grown on large piece of land. In the indoor garden mainly flowers and small plants are grown. These indoor gardens are grown for decorative relaxation purposes. These gardens provide the sense of calmness and peace. Indoor garden can be grown in a the form of container garden. In this form a container of suitable size is filled with soil and organic matter and then the plants are grown in these containers. Vegetables like spinach, carrots, mint, coriander and flowers like rose, lily can be grown in the containers. This type of gardening add to beauty of home. Hydroponics is the another technique for growing indoor garden. In hydroponic technique plants are grown in the mineral nutrient solution in water .In this technique no soil is used. The roots of the plants are exposed in the solution and are supported by some material like gravels carefully.

How to Grow and Manage Garden

Outdoor garden is grown in large space. In this type of garden higher plants like oak tree, pine tree, neem and sesamum can be grown. Outdoor gardens can be grown according to various types of layouts. Layouts of outdoor garden are cottage layout, circular layout. Cottage layout gives the informal look. In circular layout overlapping circles are plotted.

Points to be Considered

First of all a map of the garden should be prepared either on paper or computer. Available space, and contour of the land should be considered while preparing the map.

How to Grow and Manage Garden

Type of soil, availabilty of water resourse should be kept in mind.
While plotting the layout on land proper space between plants should be maintaned so that their cutting and other management operation will be easy.

Management of Garden

After the proper establishment of the garden proper attention should be paid to it. Reqired amont of nutrients and water should be provided timely. Cultural operations like pruning, cutting should also be done timely to maintane the shape of the plants. Proper doses of chemicals like fungicides, weedicides should be provided to protect the garden from diseases and weeds. The needs of plants for sunshine and shade should always be kept in mind.


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