AI - The Future Tech

Posted on 8:41 am, 3 March 2019

AI (Artificial intelligence) is a future tech. It is also called the machine learning. In simple words we can say that artificial intelligence is a technique of giving brain to machines by which machines will be able to behave like human beings. They can think themselves and take decisions like an intelligent human being. Now a days Ai research is becoming priority of the scientists. They are working constantly on the AI system. And it is expected that till 2050, AI machines will become the important parts of mankind.

AI - The Future Tech

AI machines are developed with quick algorithims and duplication system that combines high volumes of data for self learning. Apple's SIRI, Amazon's ALEXA, selfdriving cars and the AI Robot sophia are some of the examples of AI machines. SIRI and ALEXA are using speech recognition engine that enables them to recognize and translate the human language. They can hear human instructions across a room and answer acoordingly. ALEXA can play songs when we give it instructions to do so. SIRI can also answer our questions. It can make phone calls, handle device settings, navigate areas and find information on entertainment. Google's Google assistant is also using AI tech. It can understand human speech and can make phone calls or can text anyone according to our instructions. We need not to give inputs to it.
Self driving cars are another examples of AI tech. The cars are capable of sensing their environment and moving with little or no human inputs. we just have to give it instruction about the destination and then the car create internal map and give instructions to its acutator that control speed, braking and steering.

AI - The Future Tech

These cars make the long distance travelling comfortable for us as we not need to operate them. We can sit comfortably on back seat or we can sleep during the journey because it will run without our interfarance.
Scientists are also working on AI Robots like Sophia. Sophia is an AI robot that can think like human beings and can display more than 50 human expressions and she can answer our questions to some extent. In future AI robots can love or hate like human beings and they can learn anything from their surrondings by themselves and can act accordingly. They will prove very helpful for us. They will help us in our household work. They will prepare food for us. They will help in cleaning of our house etc.
Inspite of these advantages the AI can cause threat to mankind as the self thinking robots can develop feeling of hate in themselves for mankind but this will not necessarily happen because the scientists are also working on these aspects of AI.
All we can say that AI will make are future much better.
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