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Posted on 1:49 pm, 17 June 2019

Windows 10 have many hidden features maybe you should not know. There are many settings that are not enabled by default. You can Enable it. Bellow down 10 coolest windows 10 tricks.

1. Night Mode

10 cool tricks and hidden features of windows 10

If you use your PC in Night you feel irritation in your eyes. Its happen because of blue light of your PC screen. You can an option to enable the Night mode that changes your display blue light to orange light.
1. Open the Windows settings.
2. Click on System.
3. Then click on Display. Here you can enable the night mode. By click on Night Light Settings, you can also set the Color temperature.
Also, you can set Schedule for Night Mode. Just enable the Schedule Night Light.
There are two options
1. Sunset to sunrise
By this Night mode is automatically enables after sunset
2. Set hours
By choosing this you can set hours that in which interval of time Night mode is automatically ON.

2. Enable Dark Mode and Change Background Color

In Windows 10 by default Light mode and the background color is blue. But you access to can change it.
1. Open the windows settings.
2. Click on Personalization.
3. Than on Colors.
Here you can choose the windows 10 background color and enable the app mode to dark mode. There are many color options you can choose and also you can choose your Custom color.

3. Use Emoji in Windows 10

10 cool tricks and hidden features of windows 10

When you chatting to someone its not possible to type the emoji from your keyboard. Windows 10 give its solution.
1. Right click on Taskbar.
2. Select Show touch keyboard button.
Now you can see the keyboard icon on the right side of your taskbar. By click on it, the keyboard on your display is shown and then you can send the emoji from display keyboard.

4. Screen Shot

Yes it is possible to take a screenshot in your windows 10. You can take a screenshot for showing something to a friend or any other purpose.
1. Just press Windows + Prt sc button.
These screenshots are saved in a directory -
My Pc › Pictures › Screenshots.

5. Battery Saver

Windows Laptop is consuming lots of battery. Like apps run in the background, they also consume battery. As the solution of this, you can turn on battery saver.
1. Open the Windows Settings.
2. Click on System.
3. Select Battery.
Here you can turn on battery saver. Battery saver close unnecessary apps that run in the background and less you battery consumption.

6. Screen Recorder

10 cool tricks and hidden features of windows 10

If you want to record your PC screen, you do not need to install any external software. Windows 10 provides a tool to record your screen.
1. Press Windows &plus G button.
2. Than windows ask "Would you like to open Game bar".
3. Select Yes, this is a Game.
4. Now you can see the popup window.
5. Click on Record Button.
Now your screen starts recording. For stop, recording click on stop icon.
This video file automatically save in directory -
My PC › Videos › Captures.

7. Background Apps

10 cool tricks and hidden features of windows 10

In your PC many apps are run in the background. These background apps consume power and memory of your PC. These background apps slow down your PC.
1. Open the Windows Settings.
2. Click on Privacy.
3. Select Background apps.
Now you can see all the apps that run in the background. You can disable apps that you don't want to run in your background.

8. Reduce Turn ON Time

Windows PC takes lots of time to turn ON. After turn ON again it takes time to run backgrounds apps. But it is possible to reduce Windows turn ON time.
1. Open the Control Panel.
2. Click on Hardware and Sound.
3. Select Power Settings.
4. Click on Choose what the power buttons do.
Here you can enable the Turn on fast startup. It helps you reduce up to 60% time of turn ON.

9. Steps Recording

Sometimes you want to tell steps that how you can do that to someone in your Windows 10. But sometimes they can't understand what you want to say. Here Windows 10 provides a tool called Steps Recording. In this, you can Record your steps by Images that you are doing.
1. Open Start Menu.
2. Search for Steps Recorder.
3. Then open it and Click on Start Record.
You do record your steps by images and share to your friend.

10. Free Up Space

If you use SSD storage in your PC maybe you can face storage issue. Windows 10 provides an option to clean useless the storage.
1. Open the windows settings.
2. Click on System.
3. Then click on Storage.
Here you can see all your drives. By click on the drive, you can see specific details, how your PC use the storage of your drive. You can delete temporary files that you don't need like previous windows files. Also, you can enable Storage sense that deletes automatically temporary files and files in Recycle Bin past 30 days.
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